PUBG Tutorial: Can You Skip Practice?

PUBG: Battlegrounds has a brand new tutorial now that the game is free, and many players are looking for a way to skip the new practice mode. Before they can jump into a match with other players, PUBG requires new players to complete practice mode and then play 10 matches with AI opponents. It's a frustrating hurdle, especially since PUBG and Battle Royale games have been around for so long that most people already understand the basics of the genre at this point. Luckily, there are ways to speed up the PUBG tutorial so you can get that chicken dinner in no time. Here's how to complete the PUBG tutorial quickly.

Can you skip the PUBG tutorial?

There is no way to skip the PUBG tutorial. All players must complete the initial training mode and then complete 10 AI training matches or 4 AI training exercises in order to unlock matchmaking. Luckily, this process only needs to be done once, and completing 4 AI training drills doesn't take long at all.

How to perform AI training exercises

Completing 4 AI Training Drills is the fastest way to complete the PUBG Tutorial. You can very easily complete all 4 tasks in the same game, especially since you will only be playing against AI bots at this point. Here are the 4 training drills you need to do in PUBG Tutorial:

  • Win a chicken dinner.
  • Get 5 eliminations in total.
  • Collect 1 item in total from Care Packages.
  • Drive vehicles for a total of 2000m.

All of these objectives are common tasks that most players will complete in a standard PUBG match, so you should have no problem completing them in a turn or two. Winning is the hardest of the 4 challenges, but scoring a win against bots shouldn't be too difficult for an experienced player. As long as you make sure to drive a vehicle at some point and push the first care package you see, you'll complete the AI ​​training drills within an hour.

By completing practice drills, you will bypass the 10 AI practice match requirement and be able to play online with other players immediately. This is technically a way to skip the PUBG tutorial even though it still requires at least one bot match. If you'd rather skip these challenges, there's another way to go through the tutorial without playing it.

When the game says you have to play 10 AI practice matches, it doesn't mean you have to complete them. However, you can't just load and search right off the bat. If you spend a few minutes in the game and then find a way to eliminate yourself, that round will count towards your match total. Do this 10 times and you will complete the AI ​​Training Match requirement and complete the PUBG tutorial this way.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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