Rating: Best Killjoy Haven configurations

Killjoy can be quite the defensive powerhouse in Valorant when used effectively. Each of his abilities offer insane amounts of intel for your team, damage to help in fights, or debuffs to stop the enemy from pushing different angles safely. However, she can take some getting used to, given that her abilities can essentially be of no value if misused. As such, we've put together various guides for her on maps such as Split and Ascent so you can get the most out of her. In this guide, I'll walk you through how to best place Killjoy's abilities at each of the three Haven locations in Valorant.

The best configurations of Killjoy Haven in Valorant

Valuing Killjoy Site Configurations A

If you haven't checked out our previous guides, each turret spot is marked black, alarm bot red, and swarm grenade blue. Starting from Site A, you have a wide range of options for your utility. Killjoy's turret can be best used in the corner next to A Long's entrance or above the boxes in the middle of Site A. You can still find a solid hit by placing it in Heaven, on the boxes looking the entrance to A Short, or in the corner opposite the first turret. The Alarm Bot and Swarm Grenades should complement these setups, but can also be used to prevent enemies from planting the spike or to gain intel on enemies standing in hell (under the sky).

B Site configurations

Admittedly, this is one of the most difficult sites to maintain due to the lack of solid investment options. Luckily, you have an option that can complement this take well (more on that later). Killjoy's turrets work best in one of the corners closest to the entrance to the site. These can be quite obvious, but will fetch you intel anyway.The robot and swarm grenade combo can work well, but I personally prefer one of the three locations near factory sites by default.These can help a lot in gaining time to your team and deal invaluable chip damage. Any one of them will work, but the one in the middle can handle both plant sites.

Site C configurations

The Haven C site is my favorite site with Killjoy because of the options and information you can collect, which is a Valorant necessity. Your turret can be used extensively in the back corner, on top of double-stacked boxes, on site center boxes, or on left-hand logs. Each will offer different levels of value, from the enemy's shots on site to once they engage. The swarm grenade options also leave the door option for plenty of damage, on the two default factory sites, including entrances (supplemented with an alarm bot of course). These may work better with another plug, which I mention below.

Garage Setups

When you're holding a B or C site, it's almost necessary to throw some of your Killjoy utility into the garage. You'll split your resources, but your teammates will thank you for all that extended information. You have a few options when standing here. Either around the boxes or in the back right corner are best, as they will both catch enemies that engage in a garage push. Combined with an oven (two grenades swarming around an alarm bot) or a standard starter can be deadly enough to catch the enemy off guard. Just make sure you have either the turret or the alarm bot/swarm grenade combo and not both if you hold another site. Having zero utility for your mostly owned site can be disastrous.

Overall, I hope this guide helps you hold Haven with Killjoy in Valorant. If so, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Also, share it so it can help others!

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