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Recruta Gamer : [3DS] freeShop Paul Game Dev 3.1.8

freeShop is a homebrew clone of the eShop, it allows you to search or browse the hairs you have from the eShop and directly from your console.

For more information on some freeShop resources, watch this video.

  1. Download and install the CIA gives freeShop for your CIA handler (Example: FBI).
  2. O freeShop has two configuration modes, or Mode 1 is more recommended.

1 mode:

3.3. Go to "update" in freeShop settings and add URL "" to automatically download You reprise the theme of the Open the QR Code reader from the freeShop, access the QR Code reader below:

3.4. restart or freeShop.

2 mode:

4.1. Download or encTitleKeys.bin, rename it to download.bin Put the file in SD paste: /3ds/data/freeShop/Keywords/

4.2. Start freeShop.

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Do you need an unlocked console to install freeShop?

Is there a .3dsx version? (Homebrew Launcher)

No, it requires a major control to use the resource.

Why am I missing games? Jobs that estão na eShop.

The sender will show games that have a title key (Title Key, Dumped For or EncTitleKeys.bin). And similarly, some games won't show up because they're not in cache or server (isso will eventually budge).

Why does freeShop show DLCs as installed when it has not been installed?

All DLCs are grouped under the same title, in the same way that partial installation of DLCs will show it as installed. You are missing some DLC, just exclude it and reinstall it. If eShop is partially installed or if you purchased DLC through eShop ness console, you may lose freeShop installed DLC when accessing or eShop. Isso is currently unavoidable.

Can freeShop download games in rest mode?

Ainda no. Ainda does not know how rest mode works without interrupting online services.

Can I download games from any region?

Sim, less to Luma custom firmware than what we installed in the blog tutorial, this support item, unless you use another, it is necessary to verify that this item is this resource.

Is it safe to use or FreeShop? Posso be banido using isso?

Only to unlock or your console has no cliff, but a quest to do for free, or a minimal cliff. As of now, I have never reported any bans due to using or downloading games from the FreeShop and also have never had any issues with any console while using it.

Normally I download hair from my computer with 3MB speed, why is freeShop less than 700 – 800KB, is the speed lower?
Or the 3DS Wi-Fi interferes with the speed drop, each type of console has its limitation due to its Wi-Fi network card:

Old3DS / 2DS / Old3DS XL : 700 – 900 ko
N3DS / N3DSXL : 700 – 1Mo/s

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Eu kept getting or the error "Failed to install seed".
You will probably have a version lower than 9.6 e, therefore you cannot play newer games that use crypto seeds. You can fix isso by updating the firmware of the console.

Eu continued to receive errors due to an "incorrect title key".

  • You are probably not using cryptographic keys (encTitleKeys.bin) or the link placed in the URL is wrong or you are not renaming or file.
  1. Uninstall or freeShop
  2. Delete a paste do freeShop em:SD:/3ds/data/ free store
  3. Newly install
  • If you have already done the above procedures, test another SD, or format or use SD for SDFormatter, these are probably problems.

He kept getting "Failed to complete TMD installation: 0xC86044D2 / Failed to complete TMD installation: 0xC86044D2".
Or the system reports that you do not have enough space or SD card to install or play. It's for a DSiWare game, so it's your NAND that has no space.

He kept getting "Failed to complete content installation: 0xD8E08025".
There are many possible reasons for isso. In addition, a diagnosis made it a possible problem with the SD card. For example, a fake SD card that reports free space, while it is really cool, many times this error is reported. Please check your SD card again.

Recebo or error code 0xD8A08004
Isso occurs because the state of the installation is with a problem. You need to reboot or console to get rid of it.

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