River City Girls PC update features improved area transition and changed dialogue

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The PC edition of WayForward's awesome brawler River City Girls has been updated to version 1.1. The new patch fixes one of the game's most annoying issues, stomps a slew of bugs, and also features "revised dialogue" for its super-secret hidden ending.

First and foremost, players will now need to briefly press an attack button to move between areas, which will eliminate a problematic issue where Kyoko and Misako would accidentally leave the fight - if it overflowed. on the edge of the battlefield. This small fix will help the flow of the game and is a major positive change for the Skullsplitter adventure.

Oddly enough, the dialogue has also been changed for RCG's hidden ending. This is the scene that takes place after the game's secret boss is defeated. So far, no specific details have been offered about it, so we'll all have to hit the streets again and check it out for ourselves- same. Knuckle up, friends.

Finally, minor fixes include removing a bug that prevented Books from applying their expected buffs to certain characters, optimizing a specific hidden character's combo (which would move off-screen in some cases), and various other small adjustments across the board.

The version 1.1 patch is now live on PC, and we can guess it will be heading to consoles at some point in the future. River City Girls is available now on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can check out our previous interview with director Adam Tierney here.

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