Road 96: How to save your game

Road 96 just released this Monday, August 16, 2022 but some fans are already a bit confused on how to save their game. Although the game is quite intuitive, there are many things that are not directly covered with the in-game tutorials, such as how to sprint and how to save games. These design choices are definitely in the spirit of adventure, but any gamer worth their salt will still want to know how to make sure their progress isn't lost. Here's everything we know about how to save your game in Road 96.

How to save your game in Road 96

To save your game in Road 96, you don't actually have to do anything manually. Confirmed using the Steam build, the game will automatically save when you complete story segments. Story segments include but are not limited to choosing a runaway teenager at the start of a new episode after Sonya's report or choosing to walk, hitchhike, or take a taxi to move to a new area. There are, however, limited ways to backtrack a bit if you're unhappy with a decision.

If you could turn back time

As long as you don't see the diskette with the saved words in the top right of your screen, you can quit the game at any time and resume from your last saved location. This can be tricky because some picks have a quick save right after and if you can't remember where you last saved, you could be off to a hell of a ride without skipping. We honestly recommend that you don't turn off your game if you don't like the outcome of your choices. Road 96 is best experienced as an organic journey to freedom and is almost infinitely replayable.

Road 96 is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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