Roblox Anime Clicker Codes 2022

Roblox has a significant number of Anime games within the platform for players to gravitate toward for those who want to immerse themselves in the experiences. One game in particular that has recently gained popularity is 'Animated Clickers' which like many other games on the platform has its fair range of codes to redeem and redeem for additional rewards. This guide article will walk you through all the working and available Roblox Anime Clicker Codes.

Working Codes Roblox Anime Clickers

The codes that can be redeemed are listed below and range from getting extra yen to bonuses for your in-game character. The codes to redeem in Roblox are:

  • ClickBoost – Redeem for 5 minutes 2x Click Boost
  • ClickingPower – Redeem for 5 minutes 2x Click Boost
  • FeelingLucky – Redeem for 10 Minutes 2x Luck Boost
  • LikeYenBoost – Redeem for 10 minutes of 2x Yen Boost
  • LuckyLikeGoal – Redeem for 10 minutes of 2x Luck Boost
  • MonsterYen – Redeem for 10 minutes of 2x Yen Boost
  • Release – Redeem for 1 yen in total
  • SpradenCapped – Redeem for 5 Minutes 2x Yen Boost
  • SuperClicks – Redeem for 10 minutes of 2x Click Boost
  • TitanicLikeGoal – Redeem for 5 minutes of 2x Click Boost

These are all the job codes available for the Roblox world that will net you the rewards you are looking for. There are many other Roblox experiences with attached codes that you can redeem.

How to use codes

First, to redeem the codes you will need to launch 'Anime Clickers' from inside Roblox, then when loading look for the Twitter button on the right side of the screen and tap it. You will get a box to enter the codes, press it to receive your reward!

It should be noted that you entered the code exactly as shown on this listing.

Your rewards will now all be there for you. Will you be redeeming these Roblox Codes Anime Clickers this month?

Roblox is now available to play on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, IOS and Android.

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