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For each Roblox fan over there, we have some very exciting news to share, as it looks like the option to change your Display a name come back! Although this was implemented a while ago in the game, it was a feature that was removed almost instantly, right after it went live due to misuse by some people. The developers were quiet about this, but it's now officially announced that we'll be able to change our display names again. Read below to find out more.

How to Change Display Name in Roblox

A long-sought-after feature finally became a reality in February 2022, but as we mentioned, some players have treated the display name feature the wrong way. That said, over the past few days various players have stated that they have started to see this option brought back into Roblox. While these are just random claims and rumors, the team has gone ahead and edited their original article from February, to confirm that this is indeed the case. Here is the new commentary, officially written by the developers in the same post:

April 14 update: We have started another limited test rollout of the feature. As mentioned above, we'll update this thread once the feature is ready to go live for everyone. Thank you!

For anyone wanting a closer look at the full original post, be sure to follow this link here.

As for how you can actually set up and change your display name, here's what you need to do:

  • Set your display name by going to your account details page.
  • Updating your display name will cost no Robux and will be available to all users.
  • Display names will still need to be checked by our filters.
  • If you choose not to set a display name, it will default to your username.
  • Currently, you are limited to changing display names once every 7 days.
  • The length of your display name must be between 3 and 20 characters.

There are some additional tips in the original article, so it's strongly suggested to give it a look when possible. Basically, you need to visit your account page and from there insert a display name. In case you want to change it, follow the guidelines that are in the same page by simply clicking on your name and account. If nothing is changed before this update goes live, here's how to set up and change a display name in Roblox. Hopefully this time the new feature is here to stay.

Roblox is available on PC, Xbox and mobile devices. For all things Roblox, check out our list of guides here.

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