Rocket League Update 2.01 Patch Notes

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Update 2.01 has arrived for Rocket league, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Psyonix has now released a brand new update for Rocket League today August 10th. The update should now be rolling out for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The main focus of today's patch is to prepare for the game's incoming Season 4. More patch notes will be released when Season 4 arrives on August 11th.

Another great feature of today's update is the "Music Streamer Safe". You can listen to the game soundtrack without incurring DMCA violations when you stream the game.

They will also give you a warning message if you are also about to get a permanent ban. Aside from the big fixes, some new, smaller content is also in today's big patch.

You can read the full patch notes below taken via the game's official site.

Rocket League Update 2.01 Patch Notes


  • Today's update prepares Rocket League for the start of Season 4. A second set of patch notes with more information will be released at the start of Season 4
  • Season 4 begins August 11 at 8:00 a.m. PDT (15:00 UTC)
  • Added safe music streaming feature
    Introducing penalties for players who leave Casual Playlist games prematurely
  • Added undersized group rank restrictions
  • Player-to-player trade improvements

Streamer Safe Music

  • Music Streamer Safe lets you play included Rocket League music tracks without worrying about DMCA violations while streaming or recording
  • 'Streamer Safe Music' can be found under Settings > Audio
  • Once activated, Rocket League will remove or replace any leads that may lead to a DMCA violation
  • The Streamer Safe setting works in conjunction with your chosen settings for player anthems, in-game soundtrack playback, and in-game soundtrack playback

Matchmaking Penalties in Casual Playlists

  • To improve the average quality of matches in Casual playlists, we are introducing penalties for players who leave Casual games prematurely.
  • Similar to matchmaking bans for Competitive Playlists, players who leave Casual Playlist matches early may be subject to a short matchmaking ban. Quitting a single match per day will not result in a penalty, but quitting multiple times increases the duration of the ban.
  • There are seven ban levels for casual playlists:
    First – 0 minutes
    Second – 5 minutes
    Third – 10 minutes
    Fourth – 20 minutes
    Fifth – 40 minutes
    Sixth – 1 hour
    Seventh or more – 2 hours
  • Once you pass the first level, there is a 12 hour cooldown before the ban level decreases by one level.
  • You can now "vote to concede" a casual match once enough time has passed, similar to competitive play if your team wants to leave or just move on to the next match.
    We have made the following changes to the fill behavior
  • If a player leaves a casual match, they will not be replaced in the same match
  • Occasional matches with a score difference of three or more goals will not be substituted. Bots will replace any players who leave the match.

Undersized Group Rank Restrictions

  • To help preserve balanced competitive play, groups of two playing Standard 3v3 in Competitive or 3v3 tournaments must be within 3 ranks of each other.
  • Examples of Undersized Parties Allowed
    Gold 3 + Platinum 3 (three ranks apart)
    Diamond 2 + Champion 1 (two ranks apart)
  • Examples of undersized parties not allowed
    Gold 3 + Diamond 1 (four ranks apart)
    Silver 2 + Grand Champion 2 (fifteen ranks apart)
  • This change does not apply to additional mode playlists or casual playlists
  • This change starts with season 4

Player to Player Trade Updates

  • Once both players have entered the items and agreed to the terms, a new trade review screen will appear
  • This screen will display all items involved in the trade
  • All item details are visible at all times on this screen (Painted Color, Certification, Special Edition Type, Esports Affiliation)
  • No new items can be added once this screen appears
  • There is a five second countdown before the Accept Trade button can be used
  • You can cancel outside of the Trade Review screen if you want to go back and add/remove items

Game ban message

  • A new message will inform you if your account is close to a permanent ban
  • Similar to the current ban messaging and reporting comments, this message will appear as a pop-up once Rocket League has started.
  • “Due to the number of bans issued on this account, the next ban from Psyonix may be permanent. Please do not use harassing or toxic language in future matches. For more information, visit
  • Previous chat and game bans on your account are considered before this message is delivered

Display of the number of players

  • The way player population is displayed in-game is changing
  • The total number of online players is no longer displayed
  • Reading list population display has been changed. Depending on the population of a playlist, players will see one of the following
  • Surprising
  • Awesome
  • Good


Tactical Rumble is now available as Rumble Mutator in private matches


Monstercat (Antenna)

« Ariel Maren »
« Emily Vaughn »
« Ellis »
" DEAF "
«Shingo Nakamura»
« Saxsquatch »
«Vintage & Morelli»


Changed the name of “Inamorata” Goal Explosion to “Carbonator”


  • Fixed appearance of toppings on Octane when using Linares, Nooo! Decals
  • [PC] Fixed crash when loading into Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)
  • Fixed the appearance of several trails when previewing in the Garage
  • Fixed appearance of grass near player car in Forbidden Temple (Day)
  • Fixed appearance (inconsistent lighting) for Visionary Wheels
  • A loud and fast beat of music heard when starting the game has been removed
  • Fixed players logging in as player 1 instead of their normal account
  • Fixed matches not counting as finished when leaving a match during final replay
    FPS improvements to some arenas
  • Fixed players logging in, receiving a "Sync Failed" message and missing their inventory
  • Fixed player crashes when loading into Utopia Coliseum

We will let you know tomorrow about more patch notes that will be released with Season 4 releasing this month. Rocket League is now available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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