Rust Console Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends

If you want to survive in Rust Console Edition, you'll want to play with friends for the best chance of success. The world of Rust is brutal and unforgiving, but forming a party is a great way to ensure your survival against raiders and other threats. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to party with your friends or even send them invitations. So you will have to work a little to find your friends and form a team. Those looking to play on a private server with their friends may also be a little disappointed with how the game handles private worlds. Here's how to play with friends in Rust Console Edition.

How to play with friends on Rust Console Edition

To play with friends, all members of your party must be on the same server. One person should find a server with enough room for your group, then tell everyone which server to join. Once you're in-game, open your menu and select Create Squad. Next, approach your friends and select Invite to Team. They can then join your group. Team members will see their names displayed in green on your screen and green dots above their heads to indicate that they are friendly.

You can find your friends in two ways. The first and easiest method is to open your map and meet your friends the old fashioned way. It's easy if you spawn near each other on the same range, but your friends might be on a different part of the map when they connect. This is where the second method comes in. A player can gather enough cloth to create a sleep. bag, place it down, open the menu for more options, then select Give to a Friend. This will award the respawn point to your friend, at which point they can kill themselves and choose to respawn in the sleeping bag next to you. Repeat the process for each friend in your party and everyone will end up together so you can form a team.

Can you play on a private server with friends?

Technically yes, but private servers are not yet available in Rust Console Edition. It's the only way to play with just your friends in your own world without being disturbed by random players. Plus, hosting your own private game costs money.

Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but buying a private server on Rust Console Edition gives you 30 days of continuous server time, which means you'll have to pay monthly to keep the world online. There will be two pricing tiers, however, each with different benefits. Standard will be the default option, but going for the more expensive Performance package will get you a bigger map, choice of landmarks, and collection multipliers.

Does Rust Console Edition Crossplay?

Yes, Rust Console Edition is crossplay, but only between the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game. Crossplay is only enabled on crossplay servers, which have a special icon in the server browser list. PC players cannot play with console players for several reasons, including the ability to use a keyboard and mouse. Combat wouldn't be on a level playing field, which is why crossplay is only enabled for console players. Additionally, Rust Console Edition is running an entirely different version of the game that is a few years old at this point, so the PC version of the game has several features that the console version does not currently have.

Rust is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

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