Save $10 on a custom Xbox controller before Design Lab is gone

Last call

Xbox Design Lab was quietly one of the most exciting offerings of the Xbox One generation. Microsoft has built a portal where users can create their own controllers and the appearance of each component can be customized. No longer limited to official models on store shelves, gamers could design a controller however they wanted.

Design Lab disconnects a bit. On October 14, Microsoft is temporarily pulling the plug on the entire Design Lab service and it won't be back until next year. Presumably, this is a production change so that Microsoft can sell the new, slightly revamped Xbox Series X controllers.

Microsoft sends out the old Design Lab with one last shot. If you're fine with the older model Xbox controller (which will still work great on Xbox Series S/X), you can get $10 off a custom controller. There's no need for a coupon or anything; the discount is automatically applied on the Design Lab site. The offer is valid until October 14, when Design Lab fades away for a bit.

If you're on the fence about current and next-gen controllers, here are the upgrades for the Xbox Series X gamepad. It has: a hybrid D-pad instead of the cross design, a share button dedicated, rubberized textured grips around the back and a USC-C charging port. These are mostly small things, which is why Microsoft isn't raising controller prices on Xbox Series X.

So get $10 off a custom controller if aesthetics are more important to you than slightly improved functionality. Or, just put that $60 into the new Shock Blue Xbox Series X controller. This thing has been aesthetically pleasing for days.

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