Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves: How to Get Free Premium Currency | Ancient Coins Guide

Ancient Coins are a premium currency in Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves ‚Äď normally the only way to obtain these valuable coins is through in-game transactions using real money. You can earn a few by reaching certain levels of Fame each season, but you'll mostly have to rely on your wallet to get Ancient Coins. Ancient Coins are used to get cosmetics and emotes like pirate pets, avatar costumes, ship cosmetics and more. You can spend Ancient Coins at the Pirate Emporium, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

If you're looking to spend less and earn more, there's a way to earn free Ancient Coins. To do this, you must be lucky and find rare ancient skeletons. These treasure-filled golden skeletons don't last long, but you can get 800~ Ancient Coins from a single skeleton if you're really lucky. There are things you need to know to find these guys, so keep your eyes peeled and fully explore the islands. You might just get a free infusion of premium currencies.

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How to get free ancient coins

It's not the best or even the fastest way to get old coins. Currently, this is the only way to earn an infinite amount (there is no limit) of Ancient Coins in the game without spending any money. The best/fastest way is to buy them. If you like to be cheap (like us), this is the other best method.

Ancient Coins can be earned by defeating rare enemies called ancient skeletons. These skeletons are blue / gold, and carry a bag of coins on their backs. The ancient skeletons will be rarely appear on islands ‚Äď they don't have much health, but you have to defeat them within 20 seconds or they will escape underground. Ancient Skeletons make a distinctive sound when they spawn, so you'll need to locate and defeat them quickly before they retreat.

  • Ancient Skeleton Rewards:
    • Level 1: 100-200
    • Level 2: 200-400
    • Level 3: 400-800

Ancient Skeletons have a small chance of spawning on any island or fort. You cannot just arrive at an island and leave immediately, you must stay on the island for a while ‚ÄĒ be active, spend about 20 ~ minutes on an island doing what you need to do. If you land and leave, you will never see ancient skeletons appear.

Focus on visiting the larger islands. Larger islands have more landmass and more opportunities for spawns from emergent enemies. Ancient Skeletons replace a spawn of normal Skeletons, so the more areas there are to encounter emerging enemies, the more likely you are to encounter an Ancient Skeleton.

To spend more time searching and increase your chances of spotting Ancient Skeletons, try these activities.

  • Voyages of the Order of Souls
  • Gold Collectors Chests
  • Fishing

Ancient Skeletons can spawn in forts, but they will never spawn in outposts - they're just too small. Like Reaper Chests, Ancient Skeletons are much more likely to spawn if there are more players on your server. If you're in an empty server, your chances of encountering an Ancient Skeleton will be much, much lower.

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