Settlement Survival Carlos Hurtado Update 0.84 Patch Notes | December 23, 2022 The spirit of Christmas has arrived at Settlement Survival just in time.

0.84 update has arrived for Settlement Survival, and here is a list of all the changes and fixes added with this patch. This update brings something for everyone; bug fixes, new content, adjustments and more. Settlement Survival developers have added Christmas content to the game, now players will experience the game with holiday spirit. Here's everything new in Settlement Survival Update 0.84.

Colony Survival Update 0.84 Patch Notes

Christmas content

  • Wonder Structure – Giant Christmas tree added in game. Can send gifts to all the kids in town every 5 years. (Can only be built during the Christmas event and remained on the map after the event.).
  • Blueprint Structure – Added Snowman. Can be built on roads and slightly increase the health of citizens within range. (Can only be built during the Christmas event and remained on the map after the event.).
  • Decorative structure – Added Christmas tree.
  • During the Christmas event, Christmas trees will spawn in the wild in normal mode and sandbox mode.
  • Building upgrade: Christmas tree added. (Only effective for houses built during events).
  • Decoration on houses added for Christmas mood.
  • Recipe – Added Christmas Hat in Tailor Shop, made from Wool or Alpaca and Linen or Cotton. Citizens' appearance would change after wearing the Christmas hat. (The item can only be crafted during the event, but would remain in the inventory even after the event.).
  • Christmas BGM during winter added. (Will be deleted after the event.).
  • Added snow effect to main menu. (Will be deleted after the event.).

Optimized feature performance and added disaster effects

  • Harvest: When triggered, field crops will be larger and more productive this year.
  • Sandstorm: When triggered, a sandstorm appears on the map and continues to destroy trees, buildings, and people along the way. Trees will reduce the magnitude of sandstorms.
  • Animal Plague: Once triggered, a plague would break out in a pasture and result in the death of the animals inside. Remember to separate your livestock in advance to protect them.
  • Earthquake: When triggered, has a chance to create mountains on the map, scare wild animals on the map, and destroy old houses.
  • Floods: When triggered, water from the river devours the city, destroying most plants.
  • Suppression of acid rain and intense cold. (In older saves, Acid Rain will become Animal Plague, Severe Cold will become Sandstorm.)

Feature Adjustments

  • Added support for three new languages: Italian, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Added 10 random events. (New backup required.).
  • Added active event – ​​UFO. (Click on the UFO to trigger this event when it passes through your town.).
  • Added function – Hide trees. Press H to hide trees when they block your view.
  • Added hotkey for game window by title.
  • Function added – Fuel can now be banned in resource management.
  • Added an upgrade display effect: Campfire for the tent.
  • Added upgrade: puppy for houses. (Same effect as Upgrade: Cat.).
  • Optimized effect of random events.
  • Changed Upgrade: Nursing Home Furniture to Upgrade: Deluxe Furniture.
  • Optimized the display of mod creator names in-game.
  • Optimized AI performance of messing citizens.
  • Optimized Russian translation.
  • Optimized the top bar UI display in high resolution.
  • Optimized structure name scrolling speed.
  • Optimized sapling item icon.
  • Optimized the layout of the help log and the ability to scroll the log to view the full log.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the item count changed to 1111 after removing the 0 in the purchase number.
  • Fixed the issue that disasters would not be triggered even if displayed in the event indicator bar.
  • Fixed the issue where the Traveling Merchant pulled his cart sideways.
  • Fixed the issue that the text is longer than the display area in some languages.
  • Fixed the issue where the text in the pasture building information was missing.
  • Fixed the issue that the entrance to the nursing home was wrong again.
  • Fixed the issue where the text of some events in Russian was missing.
  • Fixed the issue of some text prompts missing.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the door of the large trading post to flicker.
  • Fixed the issue that the boiler room would increase the health of citizens.

MOD Updates

  • There are several new disasters that the MOD must synchronize with the disaster configuration (new disasters cannot be triggered if it is not synchronized).
  • Added random events, MOD must sync configs in HardMode.xml (new events can't be triggered if not synced).
  • The MOD must synchronize the configuration of Items.xml, Remould.xml and building.xml.
  • Fuel disable is added, MOD needs to sync config in Items.xml (it can't disable fuel otherwise).
  • Added Italian, Polish, Portuguese-Brazilian languages, updated help log text, MOD needs to sync configuration commonset.xml (if not synced, no language options and new help text).

Overall, this update is going to significantly increase the quality of the game. The performance improvements and bug fixes will make many gamers happy. It's great to see Settlement Survival joining the holiday spirit with the new content, these little content additions give a different feel to any game. Bringing players back to older titles.

Establishment survival is available now on PC. For more information on this update, head over to the official Settlement Survival Steam page.

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