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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is here whether you like it or not, so why not take advantage of one of the new quests included in this re-release. The Anniversary Edition adds a bunch of mods into the mix, adding heaps of quests, companions, armor sets, and other weird features you'll unwittingly stumble into. Some of these things are absolutely broken, like the quest we found here, which gives you thousands of Septims for relatively little work. The quest here also gives you access to an upgraded version of the transmutation spell which transforms ordinary ore into or. With this improved spell, you will literally have infinite gold. Why cheat when there are spells so broken they're basically cheats?

The object of this quest, The bitter cup, actually has roots in Morrowind. The Cup of Valor, an artifact belonging to Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile, has a ridiculous min-max effect that increases your best attribute by +20 and reduces your worst attribute by -20. Bitter Cup can be used in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, but that's not what we're looking for. This complex new quest has three branches that totally change what you'll be doing, and you can only select one branch per game. While the other branches have their advantages, it's my personal opinion that the absurd (and rewarding) reward path to fortune is the one you will want to follow. This is how it works.

How To Get Infinite Gold Early | Bitter Cup Quest

To earn thousands of septims, many Enchanted Weapons / Armor Pieces, and an upgrade transmutation spell which turns any ore into gold ore, you will want to start the Bitter Cup Quest and follow it path to fortune.

  • To start the Bitter Cup quest: Travel to Falkreath and enter the room in The dead man's drink. Read it " mysterious altar» newspaper near the bed to start the quest.

When starting this quest, you will hunt the bitter cup — a magical artifact that increases your highest attribute by +20 and decreases your lowest attribute by -20. The Bitter Cup is a reward no matter which of the three branching paths you select, but you can only complete one branching path per game.

  • path to fortune: Thousands of gold, early enchanted equipment, gold transmutation spell
  • Path of nothingness: Unique Norse Dagger and new companion party member
  • path of power: Unique gladiator helmet and sword

For our purposes, you will want to follow the path to fortune. This quest can be started and completed very early in your adventure, and the path to fortune is the easiest to complete – no powerful enemies and alternate methods to complete each stage. To complete this quest quickly, you will need high speech or hooking, but there are other ways to progress.

To complete the path to fortune, Follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Steal the seal
    • To access the vault, you need to steal a special seal from a wealthy High Elf in markarth. You can sneak or follow an optional path.
    • Optional path: Travel to Solstheim and poison the Sujamma drink at the Silver Blood Inn. You can make the High Elves target drink the poison. Don't try to fight them. Take the High Elf's letter and continue.
    • With the letter, you can now access the treasure chest.
  • Step 2: Obtain the treasure
    • Trip to Warrens of Markarth with the courier's clothes fitted. Talk to the High Elf and select these specific options: “I was looking for you. and "I have something I'm supposed to deliver." Your hands only.
    • Deeper in the Warrens, your rogue companion will deal with the high elf. Next, betray the thug and kill them when you are ready. They will turn hostile if you take any of the treasures here.

Take everything inside the safe. It's full of high-value treasure chests, enchanted items, and that precious transmutation spell that turns any ore into gold. It's an incredibly lucrative way to start your adventure in Skyrim, and you need to find an incredibly specific book to start with.

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