SnowRunner Update 1.26 Patch Notes

Update 1.26 has arrived for Snowrunner, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Some new DLC has dropped for SnowRunner which means a new update is now available for the game. The DLC includes two new maps as well as two new trucks in the game.

Along with new content, tons of bug fixes have also been implemented. Some mods have also been adjusted for those playing the game on PC.

If you are playing the game on PS4, the update patch appears as version 1.26. You can read the full patch notes below.

SnowRunner Update 1.26 Patch Notes

General additions

● [DLC] Two new maps in the Don Region:

  • Factory lands
  • Antonovsky Nature Reserve

● [DLC] Two new trucks:

  • Tatra Force T815-7
  • Tatra Phénix

● Unique skin for Don 71

● New exterior stickers

● Fully playable “immersive mode”

  • HUD elements such as the Gearbox and Functions menu are hidden in this mode and only show up when a player is using them

● Support for cross-play between Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store versions of the game via matchmaking or invite codes


  • Fixed a bug where players would receive a missing mods message every time they tried to load a game save in which some of the mods were disabled
  • Improved error handling for mod browser
  • Fixed a bug in the game editor where crafting area borders were not displayed
  • Fixed a bug where numbers were displayed instead of the mod map name on first load
  • The approximate amount of memory the mod will take is now displayed in the dev panel on the polygon
  • Added a hotkey for the hide function of the develop panel on the polygon
  • Custom images supported for custom freight
  • Improved mod browser behavior on console to better display estimated RAM for each mod
  • Added ability to configure separate add-ons as "capable of racing a truck"

hard mode

  • Fixed a bug where fuel canisters were instantly replenished after purchasing another add-on from the garage
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from changing the "Metric System" in the Settings menu during normal gameplay right after exiting a "Hard Mode" game


  • Fixed a bug where the legs of some heavy semi-trailers could get stuck in the ground after buying it for the Tatra 813 truck
  • Fixed a bug where players could not attach a trailer that required a saddle when the saddle was not equipped on the Tatra T813
  • Modified driver position for Tatra 805
  • Fixed a bug where the rear wheels of trucks with articulated frames were shown as unattached to the frame after saving the load
  • Fixed a bug where Heavy Crane was mounted incorrectly on Western Star 4964 in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Cat CT681' truck could not move if the suspension was completely broken and the suspension axle was lowered
  • Fixed a bug where fuel tank addon collided with fuel tank trailer on ZiKZ 5368
  • Improved rear winch placement on Tatra 813
  • Improved gauge lights on GMC Brigadier
  • Fixed a bug where the hook of a sturdy bumper on ANK38 was floating in the air
  • Fixed a bug where the cab reverse lights were not working for the Derry 4520
  • Modified wheel offsets for Khan Sentinel


  • Proper support for native Steam invites

General fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players could not load cement from the quarry for the "Cement for the region" task
  • Fixed a bug where the "Turn on engine on winch truck" option would disappear if the "C" button was bound to another button
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases selling a Medium Log Trailer would not give money
  • Fixed a bug where cargo would not appear on the map if the client activated the task while the host was on another map
  • Fixed a bug where the "Turn on/off engine" prompt would appear on screen after entering and exiting the garage
  • Fixed a bug where garage sounds were playing before loading was complete when the player was recovering in the garage from another level
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases drop items could be duplicated when the player restarted the Orbital Velocity Goal
  • Fixed a bug where too many cargoes were listed in the task description of the objective For hard-to-reach places
  • Fixed a bug where the location marker was not displayed for the BA-20 armored car during "The Price of Victory" job
  • Fixed a bug where off-road tires had "muddy terrain" written on them and off-road tires had "all-terrain" written on them.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of flat tires on the minimap was incorrect when all 4 wheels were completely damaged
  • Fixed a bug where players could not purchase trailers if a car was packed onto the truck bed
  • Fixed a bug where cargo could disappear when packing/unpacking cargo at a certain trailer position
  • Fixed a bug where the "Model Collector" achievement was not unlocking for some players
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to equip a seismic vibrator and a metal detector on some vehicles at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where the "B" control scheme did not have a hotkey to toggle the camera
  • Improved playback of nearby truck sounds
  • Fixed a bug where the final contrast cutscene "Liftoff" was not working correctly on the PlayStation platform

The above information comes from the game's official wiki fandom page. SnowRunner is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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