Tell me why Chapter 2 – How to get up to the police station

Thanks to their relationship with the Delos Crossing Police Chief, Alyson and Tyler seem to have free rein around town and within the police station. Of course, there are limits, and they begin to test them in Tell Me Why: Chapter 2. As they begin to dig deeper into their family's history, uncovering long-hidden secrets along the way, they push these limits to the extreme. they try to sneak into various rooms where they are not allowed. And the most important piece is hidden upstairs. But there are tons of police watching them and they need some tricks to make it happen. Here's how to get to the police station in Tell Me Why Chapter 2.

How to go upstairs

While exploring the police station office, you might expect to come across an item or other option to distract the police. It's not the answer, but you're on the right track. Before you spoil this stage of the game, know that the answer is inside the police station and not really hidden. If you want to stay pure in your Tell Me Why game, just keep looking around, maybe at areas you've been through before, and you might find out how to level up. For those who are still lost, here is the solution.

In the police station entrance you want to turn right from the main entrance. You've probably crossed here earlier without thinking, but it's the key to going upstairs. On the wall, a map showing the police station as a whole. Alyson and Tyler can use it to determine that there is an emergency exit leading to an outside staircase. All they have to do is create a distraction.

Return to the office and turn left to see a stack of files and documents on a chair. Interact with him to knock him down and Alyson can slide upstairs. Then just head outside and to the side of the building to see the stairs where Alyson can let you in. And that's how to get into the police station in Tell Me Why Chapter 2. From there, you are ready to access the archives and find out more about your past.

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