Terraria's long-awaited end of Journey update is out May 16

Just in time for the game's ninth anniversary

It's been a while since some of us have explored the sandbox world of Terraria, but that could change next month when Journey's End launches May 16, 2022 on PC. The update is a long time coming, but it's a major addition – I'm talking over 800 new items – that will make an already robust game even beefier.

Terraria: Journey's End will launch on PC on May 16, 2022! pic.twitter.com/cf1nGrzrrk

– Andrew Spinks (@Demilogic) 13 avril 2022

Re-Logic is "working harder than ever to get Journey's End to you as quickly as possible." On Twitter, Stardew Valley's Eric Barone said "can't wait" and that he "will see you in the '1.4' clubhouse."

The developer was pushed to do "a complete re-visit of all elements of Terraria", and for good reason. Terraria turns nine on May 16. As of this year, the game has 30 million sales.

Going through the list of partial changes, it's clear that Journey's End will touch just about every facet of the experience - not just endgame content for folks who never left. It's one of those "Hey everyone, come back here!" updates. He has vampire frogs. He has golf. It has lawn mowers and wind.

There's a bestiary to complete – one of my all-time favorite activities in video games – and mini-biomes like the Oasis, a harder difficulty option called Master Mode, and a Void inventory fix. Vault cool. Beyond all the new things to find and craft, Journey's End also includes a new take on World Generation, so if you're wondering if you want to start a new savegame from scratch, I'd say yes.

Few games have been getting this much love for so long, and this update seems like a nice send-off. May 16 is a lock for PC, but Journey's End is coming to console and mobile versions of Terraria at a later date.

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