The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Become a Werewolf Gordon Bicker | December 30, 2022 A werewolf feast tonight…

The Elder Scrolls Online has amassed a welcoming, friendly, and expansive community over the years through its many content updates, DLCs, and core game adventures. There really is something for everyone that highlights the strength of MMOs in being inclusive for players around the world. Additionally, new patches and dungeons are added frequently throughout the year. One area players frequently mention about The Elder Scrolls series is the ability to become a Werewolf or Vampire and it's no different in the MMO, this guide will tell you how to become a Werewolf in The Elder Scrolls. Elder Scrolls Online and the benefits it brings.

How to Become a Werewolf in The Elder Scrolls Online

To become a werewolf in The Elder Scrolls Online, you will either need to hunt werewolves in the world or be prepared to become one by another player willing to perform your character transformation. First, the werewolf hunting method is time consuming but definitely worth the reward. They are categorized as rare monsters and you will need to get "hit" by rare werewolves that spawn in specific locations around the world. Once hit, you will likely contract the sanies lupinus disease which will turn you into a werewolf. You will need to hunt at midnight during a full moon and in level 37-44 areas of each faction in the game. This in turn indicates that they spawn in The Rift, Reaper's March, or Bangkorai.

Once you have obtained the disease, heading to a nearby shrine will start the quest "Hircine's Gift" which when completed will give you the Werewolf skill line and you will be a werewolf of your own whole in no time.

The second method of transforming into a werewolf is to get transformed into one by another player who is already a werewolf and had the "blood moon" ability in the skill line. You will need to be transformed into a werewolf at a ritual site/shrine related to werewolves. A shrine can be found on each area map where werewolves can once again be found in the wild.

When you've headed to a werewolf shrine, just wait for your chosen partner to transform you in front of the shrine and then you can start the same 'Hircine's Gift' quest to become a werewolf at full share.

Benefits of Becoming a Werewolf in The Elder Scrolls Online

Being a werewolf will bring many benefits to your experience in the game. The werewolf has an excellent ultimate ability that will allow you to deal a significant amount of damage in a short time. Additionally, you will be able to feast on enemies to extend the ultimate ability that will allow you to stay in werewolf form longer. Additionally, this ability can be used at any time of day with all other skill line abilities.

Another benefit is that you will also receive increased stamina, attack damage, and even your speed for being a werewolf.

Will you become a werewolf this month in The Elder Scrolls Online? It is certainly ideal for hunting poultry.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Mac and PC.

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