The Long Dark Update 1.97 Patch Notes (October 27) Diego Perez | October 27, 2022 A new update is available for The Long Dark.

Update 1.97 has arrived for The Long Dark, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This update provides general fixes across all platforms, including several fixes for Wintermute. This is a hotfix that resolves many issues that appeared when The Long Dark Episode 4 was released. The list of changes below may contain spoilers, especially for Wintermute. Here's everything new with The Long Dark update 1.97.

Long Dark Update 1.97 Patch Notes

There are currently two known issues that players should be aware of in The Long Dark. If you encounter these issues, visit the links provided for assistance.

  • For all PlayStation players affected by the absence of Episode Four trophies at launch; we have a way to potentially track your progress. Please visit this page on our support portal for more information.
  • [SPOILERS] Episode Four Steam Tunnel Puzzle; some players reported that they were unable to open the control room door after the ice melted when solving the Steam Pipe puzzle. If you are having trouble with this puzzle, this document might be helpful.


  • [Optimization] Fixed a rare issue that prevented player footprints from appearing correctly under certain circumstances.
  • [Optimization] Fixed many performance issues, which should result in a smoother gaming experience.
  • [Steam] Updated the Workshop channel table to include all channels from Episode Four.


  • [Animation] Many adjustments and improvements to various mission related animations.
  • [Animation] Fixed an issue where some climbing animations were broken when the field of view was set to maximum.
  • [Animation] Fixed an issue where animation would twitch during Kill/Release choice after catching a rabbit.
  • [Animation] Fixed an issue where Mackenzie's arms would shake incorrectly when climbing various areas.


  • [Accessibility] Updated mature language filter to include some lines that were missed.
  • [Art] Optimized render distance on various objects found in Episode Four so that they become visible at the appropriate distance from the player. This will reduce instances of distant objects appearing in the world.
  • [Art] Optimized object draw distance and steam tunnel lighting to improve visual quality and overall performance.
  • [Art] Fixed lighting in various interiors and fixed mismatched lighting on objects.
  • [Environment] Fixed an issue that caused the walls inside Radio Hut to remain visible regardless of which room inside Radio Hut you were in.
  • [Environment] Optimized mining to ensure gas is not taken when not needed, resulting in performance improvements.
  • [Environment] Added additional collision to Steam Tunnel pipes to prevent the camera from clipping into the pipes.
  • [Environment] Fixed a hole found in the Power Plant doors.
  • [Environment] Fixed large black shadows found on beds in the Blackrock Prison infirmary.
  • [Environment] Moved the warning sign "Danger of electrical cables overhead" in the steam tunnel to make it more visible.
  • [Environment] Fixed many floating or clipping objects throughout the Blackrock region.
  • [Environment] Fixed an issue where the water splash sound effect was missing when walking through water found in the Abandoned Mine.
  • [UI] Fixed an issue in the Journal exit button on the Collections -> Investigated Locations screen so that players no longer need to switch screens to exit.
  • [UI] Fixed an issue preventing the region displayed on the map from updating correctly when using a cave to switch to a new region.
  • [UI] Fixed an issue where the Mission Status tab was not reflecting the status of the current active mission.
  • [UI] Adjusted the icons on the Map screen so that Mission Markers are sorted above other Map Markers.
  • [UI] Fixed an issue where the weather could change from the intended calibration preset when adjusting the brightness in the main menu.
  • [UI] Fixed an issue where open boxes could appear as closed when viewed in the cooking menu.
  • [UI] Fixed misaligned buttons on "Continue to...?" » the screen that appears after completing an episode.
  • [UI] Updated Hardcase item description.
  • [UI] Updated key 8 icon found in Episode 1 to a higher quality version.


  • [AI] Fixed an issue where wolves continued to eat carcasses after the carcass disappeared.
  • [Audio] Added dodging audio to the Marine Flare, so its sound is no longer louder than in-game dialogue.
  • [Gameplay] Fixed an issue where water would disappear longer when clicking the "Move All to Container" button and then immediately transferring the water to the container.
  • [Gameplay] Fixed an issue where Maple Syrup would remain attached to the player, instead of being removed from the world after being picked up.
  • [Gameplay] Sprain risk is no longer disabled during a phone call.


  • [Darkwalker] Adjusted the wait time between placing a banishment glyph and the Darkwalker spawning. Players shouldn't have to wait long periods of time now.
  • [Hunted 1/2 and Whiteout] Added socks to starting inventory.
  • [Whiteout] Adjusted mission complete percentage to be more accurate.


** Please note that this section contains spoilers for WINTERMUTE. **

  • [Cinematics] Fixed several lighting issues in a range of cutscenes in Episode Four.
  • [Cinematics] Fixed an issue during Chapter 1: Blackrock Blues that could prevent cutscene audio from aligning with animations, if the player skipped a cutscene.
  • [Cinematics] Fixed an issue that often caused dialogue to be omitted from the game if it was intended to play immediately after a cutscene during episode three.
  • [Environment] Fixed an issue with the wolf found near the farm during Episode 1, it now feeds on corpses as intended.
  • [Environment] Fixed many locations where the player could either get stuck or escape the map or intended progression route during Episode Four.
  • [Episode One] Fixed an issue where Mackenzie would spawn without a bandaged hand when picking up the Hardcase.
  • [Episode One] Fixed clipping that could occur when exiting the crash site.
  • [Episode One] Fixed an issue that caused the audio of the fires at the crash site to continue playing after they burned.
  • [Episode One] Fixed an issue that caused the skybox to briefly appear when returning to the Main Menu from inside the Gray Mother's House.
  • [Episode Two] Fixed audio overlapping that can occur when talking to Jeremy.
  • [Episode Two] Fixed an issue where the active objective UI element would not appear as expected when viewing the radial menu, after obtaining the Bear Spear during Best Defense .
  • [Episode Two] Adjusted the Aurora that occurs during the Return to Dam mission so that it is now fully active, instead of just starting up.
  • [Episode Three] Fixed an issue that prevented the player from being able to progress if they saved the game right before answering the phone in the burning cabin and then reloaded the save during the phone call.
  • [Episode Three] Fixed an issue so that removing the fuse now correctly disables electrical visual and sound effects during Aftermath.
  • [Episode Three] Adjusted the mission completion percentage to be more accurate during Forest Talker.
  • [Episode Three] HUD will no longer stay disabled after talking to Molly.
  • [Episode Four] Fixed an issue where the final gauge could appear at full pressure when the valves were still set incorrectly during Steam Valves Puzzle #1.
  • [Episode Four] Fixed an issue that caused the interaction point on the valve to move if the player entered the tunnels and then returned to the valves during detonators.
  • [Episode Four] Fixed an issue where weapons and gear were not confiscated properly after completing The Detonators.
  • [Episode Four] Added guards to prevent player from dropping bolt cutters in inaccessible places in detonators.
  • [Episode Four] Fixed an issue that caused the status bar to flash before returning to the game after the cutscene in Donner.
  • [Episode Four] Dialogue will no longer continue to play on the death screen if the player is caught during Give.
  • [Episode Four] Increased the range at which entrances can be seen during Convict Caches.


  • [General] Fixed an issue where the game would crash for some players on launch.
  • [General] Fixed a potential crash that could occur when throwing an item.


  • [General] Fixed an issue where players using Windows 7 would get stuck on an unskippable black screen when playing an in-game video, such as the opening credits.


  • [Rendering] Fixed an issue that prevented rock rendering on OpenGL systems.


  • [Rendering] Decreased compression on many textures to increase overall visual quality.

The long dark is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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