The original version of Metro 2033 is free to stay on Steam

The offer lasts until March 15, so don't hesitate

Celebrating an entire decade of subway — oh my, has it really been that long? – Developer 4A Games has decided to give away free PC copies of Metro 2033 on Steam this week. It's free for good.

All you have to do is claim the game by Monday 15 March at 10:00 a.m. Pacific.

In a fun twist, 4A Games is distributing the original Metro 2033 from 2022, not the Metro 2033 Redux version that appeared four years later – so if you've ever wanted to go back, now is the time to act. Some fans prefer the distinct look and feel of the original over the shiny, optimized remaster.

Meanwhile, the rest of the series is on sale right now, including the newest game, Metro Exodus. With Anniversary Discounts, you can get Redux titles for $3,99 each and Exodus for $13,59.

Ten years ago, I didn't expect Metro to be where it is. 4A Games did well.

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