The Riftbreaker: How to Use Console Commands | List of cheat codes

Riftbreaker is an awesome little indie survival shooter, throwing you into a dangerous alien world with a huge robot that can also build intricate bases. It's kind of like a base management tower defense game, requiring you to fight hordes of enemies while building facilities - and the game is available now for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. It even works for PC, so any subscriber should definitely give this gem a try.

And even better, there are cheats you can play with. It's actually surprisingly rare to see legit cheat codes in a big game - and while that game may only be "big" because so many players are exposed to it through Microsoft's Game Pass subscription service , it is always worth playing. And even if you're unfamiliar with the genre, you can enjoy a bit of mayhem by using cheat codes through the command console.

How to use console commands

Stakes, press [~] to lower the console command window. Type the commands listed below – using console commands will temporarily disable certain achievements.

  • To activate a cheat, put [1] or [0] at the end of the code. 1 active cheating, 0 disable.
    • Eg: cheat_reveal_minimap 1

Tips | List of console commands

cheat_enable_debug_menu 1: Unlocks the sandbox debug menu. press [F11] to watch.

cheat_god_mode 1: Makes your Rigg indestructible.

cheat_unlimited_money 1: Unlocks unlimited resources.

cheat_no_clip 1: Allows your Rigg to pass through barriers.

cheat_set_player_invisibility 1: Makes your Rigg invisible.

cheat_spawn_meteor 1: Instantly spawns a meteor.

cheat_full_loadout 1: Generates a full loadout of heavy weapons for your Rigg.

cheat_add_all_items 1: Spawns all items in your inventory.

cheat_add_item [ItemName_item] #: Adds a specific item to your inventory. To add an item, type the item name (without spaces) with “_item” at the end, then a number.

cheat_build_building_on_random_spot [BuildingBlueprintName] #: Randomly builds the specified structure at a random location on the map.

cheat_add_resource [ResourceName] #: Adds a specific resource to your inventory. Replace [ResourceName] with the name of the resource (without brackets) and replace "#" with a number.

cheat_reveal_minimap 1: Reveals the full map.

cheat_set_player_health 100: Sets the player's health. 100 is an example – replace it with any number to set your current health.

cheat_remove_all_unts 1: Removes all units from the map.

cheat_remove_visible_units 1: Removes all units currently visible on the map.

cheat_full_bestiary 1: Unlocks all bestiary entries.

cheat_increase_family_info_lvl 1: Increases the family level of the bestiary.

cheat_hud_visible 0: Hides the HUD.

cheat_enable_research 1: Enables searching.

cheat_unlock_research 1: Unlocks all searches.

cheat_enable_discoverable_system 1: Allows the discovery of exotic species.

cheat_minimap_teleport_on_click 1: Allows your Rigg to instantly teleport to where you click on the minimap.

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