Valheim: Here's the New Way to Use Console Commands | Post Patch Guide

Thanks to the March 23, 2022 update for Valheim, the old method of using console commands does not work. You can't just press [[F5] and start cheating – there's an extra step you and all the other vikings will have to take to unlock your precious creative mode.

Why was this change made? No one knows, but it's a pretty simple solution. It also brings Valheim more in line with other games on Steam – most games don't let you just use the developer console. That might be a good thing, because the dev console is a powerful tool that can very easily crash your game into the wrong hands. Heck, you can even permanently quit your game if you're careless. Now only players who have passed this specific milestone will be able to use the console window.

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How to use console commands | Post Patch Guide

To start using console commands, you will need to follow these steps on Steam.

  • How to activate the console
    • Right-click Valheim in your Steam library and select Properties.
    • In the General tab, find Launch Options.
    • Grab " -console"In the field below Launch Options.
    • Close, then enter the game. press [F5] to open the console command window.
    • Enter the code " dev commands»And you will be able to use any of the current console commands.

And that's all! All console controls are still the same from previous versions of Valheim. If you want to find some really useful codes, check out our list of favorite Valheim console commands here.

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