Valheim - How to ping the map

List down Valheim complete map as simply huge, is an understatement. You may start in a small deserted area near a forest and a beach, but over time you slowly start to uncover pieces of the covered map, realizing how big it is. Taking that into consideration, it's extremely easy to lose your sense of direction, even if we have a pretty solid minimap.

The more you reveal the map, the more distances you will need to travel. After a while, you'll even start to have establishments in different areas than your main house, so going back and forth can be tricky. Without some kind of tracker to help you, it's essential to keep opening the map tab to reset your orientation. It's unclear if the developers will make any quality of life changes to this, but right now there's only one way to counter this and help us find some paths.

How to ping the map.

With no environmental cues to your current location and destination, the only way to place an indirect marker for your destination would be your good ping. By placing a ping on the map, a bright blue ring with your name will appear, letting everyone on the map know which point you clicked on. To send a ping, you must open full map with “M”, then Click on anywhere with your middle mouse button.

The specific ping indicator will remain active for a few seconds, even if you close the full map tab. A brief text/icon will remain on your screen indicating the direction to where you pinged, making it easy to find your way back to where you were headed.

A little touch like a ping can literally make a difference in traveling smoothly from area to area, but it goes without saying that everyone would love some useful changes to this part.

Valheim is now in Early access, through Steam.

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