VVVVVV Creator Terry Cavanagh Releases Source Code

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The source code for one of the greatest video games of the last decade, VVVVVV, has been released by its creator Terry Cavanagh. The surprise fall occurred during AGDQ, after runner Mohoc's 100% crazy run, which was held to commemorate the tricky platformer's 10th anniversary.

After a short tweet from Cavenagh, the VVVVVV source code has been dumped into GitHub, where it is now available for download. It should be noted that VVVVVV is not strictly "open source", as there are still licenses relating to the game's visual assets and the amazing soundtrack. Players who want to tinker with their own levels would be best served by picking up the "Make and Play" edition. The source code was released more as a curiosity for technically inclined people.

Speaking on his blog, Cavanagh modestly notes that he was eager to pull back the curtain and let people see how simplistic the VVVVVV is in its structure. "I was young and more interested in getting something on screen than actually implementing it properly," Cavanagh notes. "Perhaps the best thing about the VVVVVV source code is that it's proof of what you can hack together even if you're not a great programmer."

"Hacked together" or otherwise, VVVVVV is an amazing, engaging and addictive title, and rightfully one of my favorite video games of all time. If sharing this code can inspire future bedroom programmers to make similar modern classics, that would be VVVVVVunderful.

VVVVVV is available now on PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita and mobile devices.

VVVVVV is now open source <3 https://t.co/reAzQETiK7 pic.twitter.com/g8a7o1Jytn

– Terry Cavanagh (@terrycavanagh) 10 2022

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