Warframe Halloween Event "Nights of Naberus" Returns October 6

Warframe Halloween Event

In the latest Warframe Devstream (Issue 157), the Digital Extremes team announced the return of Nights of Naberus. It's a Halloween-themed event where players can get all kinds of neat goodies in the form of cosmetics, weapons, and features.

To start this event, players will need to travel to the Necralisk on Deimos. Find Daughter and she will familiarize you with the Nights of Naberus and set the tone. It will not be a big event where there will be special missions of all kinds. Instead, this event presents players with a limited-time showcase with rare items.

Here are all the items confirmed to be available during the event:

Warframe: Naberus Nights Items

  • Naberus Ephemeral Blueprint
  • Dead Skin Day Gram
  • Basmu Dead Skin Day
  • Basmu Plan
  • Map of Ceti Lacera
  • The mock ballroom
  • Glyphe de Stinkeye Naberus
  • Rotten Naberus Glyph
  • Glyph of Naberus Grape Skull
  • Saint Sylvester
  • Day of the Dead Necramech Skin
  • Grim Grin Naberus Sigil
  • Statut de Noggle-Stalker
  • Murmure Naberus Mobile
  • Ephemeral Sector
  • Mayfly Nyctalus

The girl will have them in her special display case during the days this event is taking place. You will also notice that she will be selling some items from the Scarlet Spear event. The Ceti Lacera and the Basmu were exclusive to this event, but it hasn't seen the light of day for over a year.

All other items will have some kind of Halloween theme, including instants. The dev stream team also teased a new winged ephemera in this most recent stream. The Nyctalus Ephemera will be the second of its kind, the first being the Eros Wings Ephemera from the "Star Days" Valentine's Day event.

Additionally, to track how you were able to acquire Nights of Naberus items from last year, you will need to use Mother Tokens to purchase them. There is no time-limited motto or rep that will be useless until next year. We'll have a guide to help players prepare for this event so they can grab all the items they want from Daughter's Shop.

The Nights of Naberus event will begin on October 6 and end on November 3. It will start at the same time on all platforms.

Warframe is available now on all major platforms such as PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, Epic Games, and the Warframe website. Click here to stay up to date with Warframe updates and even guides for upcoming content.

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