Warframe: Nora's Choice Week 2 Challenges

night wave is Warframe's interpretation of what a battle pass is. There are reward tiers after collecting different XP thresholds. In most games with a battle pass system, you can earn rewards in the pass by simply playing the game and passively earning more unlocks. However, in the case of Warframe, players must complete featured challenges (or deeds) that have different XP values ​​or reps to progress.

You can unlock a new reward level for every 10 reputations earned. Challenges reset each week, allowing for further progression. Here are this week's challenges (August 000-8) and tips for completing them:


  • Earth Fisher – Catch 6 rare fish in the Plains of Eidolon
  • Eximus Eliminator – Kill 30 Eximus
  • Jailer – Complete 3 capture missions
  • Saboteur – Complete 3 sabotage missions
  • Shrine Seeker – Complete 5 scans for Cephalon Simaris

Weekly Elite

  • Elite Test Subject – Complete 8 Elite Sanctuary Assault Zones
  • Eximus Executioner – Kill 100 Eximus

How to complete each weekly act:

earth fisherman

You can find the Plains of Eidolon on Earth. From there, you can participate in a free roaming mission. I recommend playing solo to avoid other players possibly interrupting your session. Rare fish in PoE are Murkrays, Norgs, Cuthols, and Glappids. Keep in mind that you need their specific bait to spawn them.

I also recommend fishing Murkray as they have the easiest bait to make. You will need to be at Rank 4 (Surah) with the Ostron to acquire the Bait Plan. Luckily, you don't have to worry about the time of day in the Plains to search for them specifically. Use Lanzo or Ebisu fishing spears on them. Other spears will only sting them and entice them to run away. Also, unless you have really good eyes, bring glow dye or the Oxylus Sentinel with the Scan Aquatic Lifeforms precept mod.

Ideal Warframes to use for this challenge are Loki, Ash, or Ivara for invisibility purposes. This prevents nearby Grineer from being assaulted and ruining your fishing session. Unless you're OK with managing certain ads your way, use Volt. His passive stacks up a bit more firepower per shot, and that transfers to fishing spears. This ensures that you will catch a fish even if you don't use the recommended ones.

Go all the way south from Hillside Ruin to this body of water for the best Murkray fishing spot.

Eximus Eliminator and Eximus Executioner

Eximus units in Warframe are the empowered variants of normal enemies. You can tell who they are by the red outlines they sport or the different abilities they have. They could drain your energy if they're within a certain distance of you, blast walls of fire, create a protective ice barrier for their allies, or inflict a toxic shock or debuff on you.

Playing the game passively should eventually unlock both of these acts. However, if you want to do them faster, I recommend playing in the higher level mission nodes, namely Endless Survival Missions. Alternatively, you can also wait to see if there is an Eximus Stronghold exit mission.

shrine seeker

To accomplish this act, you will need the Synthesis Scanner Item. This can be acquired through any Relay by visiting Cephalon Simaris. These are different from the Codex scanners as these can also scan his daily targets.

The difference between a normal enemy and Simaris' target is that they will look similar to eximus units, except they will be surrounded by a bold blue outline. They will also be considerably more tanky and annoying than your typical enemy unit. Synthesis targets tend to be less hostile, but are more prone to running away and leaving traps.

Cephalon Simaris has an additional piece of equipment, called the Kinetic Siphon Trap, which completely immobilizes a synthesis target and suspends it in the air for a few seconds. This is useful when facing hordes of enemies or a smaller target. In order to get a full scan on a target, you will need to scan the points on the target's body. When complete, the enemy will begin to disintegrate into orange pixels, giving you reputation points with Cephalon Simaris. Do it 5 times with its specific daily goals. You can also complete this challenge if a friend has a different target. A capture for a target counts for all players in the current game session.

Elite test subject

Elite Sanctuary Assault is the normal Sanctuary Assault, but much more difficult. You are not allowed to spam certain abilities within a certain time, otherwise they are locked for a set time. Enemies also spawn at higher levels, and map rotations are set for each run. This challenge doesn't need to be completed in a single match, but to complete it faster and maximize rewards, it's best to try. The best frames to enter this realm are a fort Reactive Storm Baruuk, a Saryn equipped with reach and strength, a Capacitance Volt, a Maim Equinox or a Peacemaker Mesa. The name of the game is to go with a frame with high level nuclear potential.

The other acts of this week's Nightwave are straightforward. Stick around for next week's reset for more guides on these challenges.

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