Where to buy Dark Ball, Scuba Ball and Chrono Ball – Pokemon Sword and Shield

Once you complete your sports challenge with Pokemon Sword and Shield, you'll start focusing on the game's other goal: catching them all. Exploring the Wild Area and the various routes where Pokemon spawn after completing the game will lead you to new strategies for catching the various creatures you encounter. Luckily, the game allows for a number of different focuses in this regard by offering unique styles of Poke Ball for each encounter. We'll tell you where you want to go, starting with where to buy Dark Ball, Scuba Ball, and Chrono Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How Dark Balls, Scuba Balls and Chrono Balls Work

Sombre Ball is extremely useful (and cool). They are especially good at catching Pokémon that are in the dark, which means it's dark or inside a cave or other dark area. Scuba Balls will help catch any water type creatures you are fishing for. Chrono Balls are truly unique, and especially useful for harder to catch Pokémon like the Legendary Zamazenta and Zacian. The longer the battle lasts, the more effective it becomes, and it reaches its apex around turn 30. If a creature keeps popping out of your Poke Ball, you'll want to switch to this.

Where to buy Sombre Balls, Scuba Balls and Chrono Balls

We have grouped these three products together because they can all be purchased in one place. You can find them in several different locations, such as the now iconic Ball Guy, which you'll find at each town's gym, if you want more than the occasional document you'll need to head to Hammerlocke.

This industrial town is home to a special supplier who offers special types of percussion bullets. Specifically, you'll want to head to the Pokemon Center down and in the center of town. Once inside, head to the counter on the right and talk to the vendor on the far right. He'll offer you a few items you might want, but that's exactly where you'll buy Dark Balls, Scuba Balls, and Chrono Balls in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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