Will Guilty Gear Strive ever come to Xbox?

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A question that many fighting game fans ask is whether Guilty Gear Strive will ever come to the Xbox platform. While we don't have anything concrete confirming one way or another, we can infer and make an evidence-backed guess based on previous Arc System Works titles and the platforms they're on. were.

Will Guilty Gear make an effort to head to Xbox?

Unfortunately, things don't look in favor of moving the game to the Xbox platform. In the past, Arc System Works has only released two people Guilty Gear games on the platform, namely Guilty Gear 2 and Guilty Gear Isuka. Previous titles in the series, Xrd Revelator and Xrd Rev 2, didn't make the jump to Xbox, so it's more than likely that Arc System Works will never bring Strive to Xbox.

There is, however, a tiny bit of hope when you consider how popular Strive has become. No other Guilty Gear game has reached the heights of Strive, and that might be why we might see the game coming to the Xbox platform. Since the previous games were all still incredibly specialized in terms of sales compared to other fighters, perhaps Arc System Works could consider Strive on Xbox as a possible revenue avenue due to the popularity of the title. While that's still incredibly unlikely since the series has almost always been strictly exclusive to PlayStation and PC, there's a good chance it will happen given the title's popularity.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. -O was recently announced and released as the game's second DLC fighter, with more coming soon. There will also be a story expansion as part of the DLC, so players have a lot to look forward to with Strive over the next year.

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